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The Park

A stunning landscape, rich and inspiring: the park surrounding the building boasts many different varieties of plants, which show the features of a typical end-of-19th century garden. Magnolias, bay trees, palms, cypresses, cluster pines, cedars of Lebanon, lime trees, oaks, cherry trees and many other fruit trees share the garden with jasmines, camellias, hydrangeas, oleanders, pittosporums, geraniums, tulips and ancient roses. Every season has its wonderful scents and colours. A wide lawn stretching towards the Isonzo river provides stunning views of the plane and the surrounding Collio hills. The paths provide pleasant walking through all nature’s beauties. This ancient park is the ideal backdrop for enchanted photo shoots.

grandi spazi e piante storiche compongono questo vasto parco
veduta del parco
la fontana del Pacassi all'interno del parco

In the park of Villa Attems there is a fountain designed by Nicolò Pacassi in 1760, architect of Maria Theresa of Austria, which miraculously remained intact after World War I bombing and was then moved from the park of Villa di Piedimonte to that of the Villa in Lucinico.

il pozzo dalla veduta della sala belvedere

The well situated in the park of the Villa was originally used by part of the Lucinico community. The village has other 4 wells evenly distributed. Today its function is only historical and ornamental.

The entrance is connected through a path to a large car park, which can host up to 60 cars.

la struttura esterna e l'entrata dell'azienda
l'entrata in fondo al grande parcheggio recintato
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