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The Halls

La Barchessa degli Antenati

Mighty and wide, it bears the same name of the building. It provides the perfect backdrop for celebrations, important banquets, business meetings and concerts. It opens up towards the outside with a splendid terrace, the ideal setting for cocktail parties, buffets and meeting breaks. The hall is very bright thanks to the large window and every event becomes a special and unique experience. This hall has a touch of magic.

la sala barchessa degli antenati preparata per un concerto
la struttura in legno della sala alta 6 metri
una veduta della sala vuota con in fondo la vetrata che si affaccia sul parco
l'ampia vetrata della sala barchessa degli antenati che si affaccia sul parco
uno scorcio di alcuni tavoli preparati per un matrimonio nella sala barchessa degli antenati

The large window enables the hall to blend with nature.

una coppia di sposi ammirano il vasto parco dalla vetrata della sala barchessa degli antenati

La Sala dei Conti

particolaere dei mibili nella sala dei conti
l'elegante sala dei conti attigua alla sala barchessa

Located next to the Barchessa, it is the perfect place for small parties and meetings. Owing to its elegance and position, easy to find and reach by the clients, it can be used to host small exhibitions and displays.

i mobili rossi spiccano nella sala dei conti, elegante e raffinata

Le antiche scuderie

Exclusive and cosy, this hall is located in the building in front of the Barchessa. It’s the perfect space for medium-sized banquets and meetings, where every detail has been studied for a successful event. The room is at the same time spacious and cosy, it offers charming views of the park below.

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