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The History

Presidente Consorzio Collio
antica foto della tenuta
Il cancello principale della tenuta
documento ufficiale del 1748

The cradle of the Attems family was Friuli, as revealed in a document dating back to 1025 and kept in the historical archive owned by the family. The land called "Attems infra Comitatus Fori Julii" was donated to Corrado by his wife’s family; Matilde Marquise of Moosburg.

The founder of the Petzenstein family branch was Wolfgang d'Attimis who in 1540 became vice captain of the County and built the Montesanto Sanctuary. Archduke Carlo gave Wolfgang’s son Andrea the right add the title “von Petzenstein”.

Among Andrea’s descendants, baring the Petzenstein name, the most honourable figures in 1700 were the brothers Sigismondo, Carlo Michele and Lodovico who lived during the reign of Maria Theresa of Austria and brought prestige to the city of Gorizia. Carlo Michele in particular, embracing the ecclesiastic career, was raised by Maria Theresa to Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire and on 12 April 1752 Pope Benedetto XIV appointed him first Archbishop of Gorizia.


Villa Attems Estate, located in Lucinico in the Collio Goriziano, is supplied with documentary evidence dating back to the beginning of the 15th century showing it was owned by the ancient noble family from Gorizia, Postcastro.

The whole property was inherited from the Cernozzas, another ancient noble family from Gorizia. Documents reveal the succession of the feudal tenure granted by Archduke Ferdinando in April 1546. The succession was strengthened by the evolution of the surname into Cernozza de Postcastro. The Cernozza family became the last feudal lords of Lucinico before the arrival of the Attems.

In this period the keystone still dominating the entrance to the park of Villa Attems Petzenstein gained importance. On the crest over the helmet of the shield there is a date 1630 and below an acronym: BGLBNCDP - " Beninia Gallara libera baronessa nata Cernozza de Postcastro" (Beninia Gallara free Baroness born Cernozza de Postcastro).


Beninia’s granddaughter, Baroness Cernozza de Postcastro, married Massimiliano Attems in 1649 bringing a dowry consisting of the Estate. From then on the tithe of Lucinico will add up to the heritage of the Attems who were known as the "heirs of Cernozza de Postcastro".

In 1900 Earl Sigismondo Douglas Attems Petzenstein carried on the noble lineage of the ancient and aristocratic family. Son of Earl Giovanni and Baroness Stefania Biedermann de Turony, he was born on 23 May 1914, one year before Italy declared war to Austria – Hungary, which marked the beginning of a geopolitical and territorial transformation.


The village of Lucinico became field of battle and raids; it was almost completely destroyed by the continuous shifting of the border from Italy to Austria and back. After four long years, this little bit of Heaven - the Austrian Nice celebrated by Czoernig - was only a shadow in the memories of those who survived. Years went by and Douglas showed the stubborn lucidity and determination typical of the 1700s man: he was able to turn the Collio into a unique product representing the entire territory of Gorizia. In 1963, he promoted the creation of the Collio Consortium and he became president in 1965 looking with proactive hope at the protection of the territory and its borders.


For Douglas Attems the Collio was everything, he created a D.O.C. of which he was president until 1999. He died in September 2002. One year before, in September 2001 his daughter Virginia married Paolo Giasone with whom she started the restoration and renovation of the entire Estate.

From this marriage two daughters Eugenia and Ludovica were born. They were authorized by the Italian Ministry of Interior to add to their father’s surname, Attems Petzenstein, and thus made Douglas’ desire come true: the millenary line of the Attems did not end with his death. In 2009 Paolo and Virginia Giasone Attems Petzenstein published a book on the history of their family in the 1900s printed by La Laguna: "Sigismondo Douglas Attems Petzenstein Conte del S.R.I. Storia di una famiglia nella Mitteleuropa del '900" ("Sigismondo Douglas Attems Petzenstein Earl of S.R.I. History of a Mittel-European family in 1900s").


The Estate located in the Collio Goriziano has been totally restored and renovated by Paolo and Virginia Giasone Attems Petzenstein.

Originally, from 1945, the site was dedicated to the farming and trading of aviculture products, poultry and rabbit farming. In the same period, the wine cellar was enlarged in order to invest more on the production of wine. The Estate also played host to peach and cherry orchards.

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